Hello! I am a tenured California Community College Professor dedicated to teaching and learning. Engagement, empathy, compassion, and an anti-racist and equity minded approach are vital to teaching. Learning is not passive; learning is an active verb.

My Latest Posts

  • Debilitating Fear
    The first essay assignment that I ask my freshman composition students to complete is a response to the course syllabus. This is also the first time that they admit how much fear they are carrying with them into my classroom. My syllabus is VERY long. The primary goal is to make the class and my […]
  • It’s a Journey
    Welcome to my blog. On this journey I hope to share classroom stories, (hopefully the best parts of) what I have learned, and continue growing as an educator. I started teaching at my local community college fifteen years ago this month. Now that I have written the number, it doesn’t seem real. Somehow I managed […]