It’s a Journey

Welcome to my blog. On this journey I hope to share classroom stories, (hopefully the best parts of) what I have learned, and continue growing as an educator.

I started teaching at my local community college fifteen years ago this month. Now that I have written the number, it doesn’t seem real. Somehow I managed to wrangle two classes as a new instructor at the beginning of what would become the Great Recession.

That first semester was kind of magical. I felt like I had been granted my fondest wish, which I suppose I was.

My childhood memory book that contains school photos, report cards, lists of friends and hobbies also has a spot for career aspirations. Keep in mind that when I was a kid, women were still relegated to very specific career goals. By 6th grade, in addition to being a mother, and a hairstylist (I had started cutting my own hair the year before), I wanted to be a teacher.

This was heavily discouraged at home (that is a story for another blog post), but the desire never really left my psyche. Fast forward to 2008, and I jumped at the opportunity to teach a class as an adjunct faculty.

Teaching felt like coming home. One of the things I love most about teaching is that I continue to learn. Every class, every semester, every year, I am learning. And Learning is an Active Verb!

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